All the rest of Tog’s Articles… since the earliest days of the web, so early that the only index, Yahoo, was listing every site in the world in alphabetical order, leading me to choose the name, asktog, rather than just simply tog.

Above (and here) you will find two section links.  Most of my writing is on Interaction Design, but I’ve also written from time to time on Living, covering travel, food, humor, as well as some of my responses to more general questions.

I am in the process of moving the entire site over to WordPress.  With hundreds of pages in pure HTML, all to be converted and updated, that is going to take some time. Meanwhile, WordPress is convinced that no other site exists and was bent on telling you there were no further columns unless I interceded.  Hence this page.

So now you know.  There’s a full book’s worth of columns. Please click either of the section links above and enjoy,

-tog –>


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