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Table of Contents

Top-level titles represent pages. Bulletted items are subcategories within pages. Scroll up or down in the page to read other subcategories. Press the Back button to access this Table of Contents again.


10 Most Wanted Bugs

Design bugs that have lasted beyond five years or have lasted more than one year and one release, causing death or destruction. (Incorporates the former "10 Most Persistent Bugs" list).

Bug Hall of Fame

Including an actual color photograph of the world's most famous bug.

Pandemic Bugs

Pandemic bugs are found and fixable in operating systems and applications alike. Largest category, with long load time on low-speed connections (around 500k of text).

Application Bugs

Websites & Browsers



Multiple OSs

Typically design errors infecting in all GUIs, including Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.


Security Bugs

Many of these bugs are older than some of you reading this. Many seriously compromise security.

Hardware & Drivers

Programming & Command Lines


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