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Interaction Design Section   Living Section   About Bruce Tognazzini

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Who I am

Bruce Tognazzini. I was Apple employee #66, have been designing software for more than 30 years, and hold 57 US patents in computers and aviation. For more info, check my bio.


If you wish to engage my consulting services, please contact Julie Moran via or by phone at


If you are from the press, please contact our press office via or, if on deadline, by phone at They will be able to put you in immediate contact with me.

The Bughouse

If you are writing about the Bughouse, I am not currently maintaining the house, though I know there are bugs (typos, etc.) fluttering about. Write only if you want to take over or work on the Bughouse yourself.

General mail

The volume of mail I'm receiving now is so high I can no longer respond to anywhere near all letters. Please be assured that I will continue to look at all but abusive letters (I have very efficient filters which, thankfully, are rarely required), even if I don't shoot you a short response.

Keep your letters short, two or three short paragraphs at most. If I can't read it in less than a minute, I tend not to even try.

I can give you no advice on where to find research articles or obtain services as I no longer reside in California and am "out of the loop."

Students: I do not write papers, nor will I do your research for you or review your research plans. I will respond to capsulized questions I can answer simply and quickly.

I do respond to a wide variety of emails asking me questions that I can answer quickly without having to do extensive research, so don't take anything I've said above to deter you from ASKing TOG.

I from time to time publish a letter, but only if I find it of general interest. You may rightly assume that I will not publish anything if it appears in any way private or to have been sent in a moment of high emotion. If you are in doubt, please mark it "for publication" or "not for publication." If you want to use a pseudonym, I will respect it.

Unless you indicate otherwise, I will use only the name, abbreviation, or pseudonym with which you "sign" your letter. Please tell me explicitly if you want me to also include:

  • Full name.
  • Company name
  • Email Address
  • Etc.

If you say nothing, I will assume you would like me to leave them off.

to send me an email.


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