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Ask Tog, Date, 1998

The One-Minute Appetizer

Here's an appetizer you can prepare in under 60 seconds that tastes not only exotic, but fabulous. The key ingredient is Pickapeppa Sauce, a mild, sweet concoction from Jamaica found in supermarkets, usually on the fringes of the catsup/mustard section.

Pickapeppa is not hot, contrary to the sound of the name. Instead, it is reminicent of a sweet chutney, with its mangoes, tamarinds, sugar cane vinegar, and other notes of colonial days gone by.


1 block Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 bottle Pickapeppa Sauce


Place the cream cheese on a plate. Pour some of the Pickapeppa Sauce over it. Serve with the crackers.

It doesn't get much simpler than that.

(With thanks to Kathy Haimson.)

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