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Consumer Reports Travel Letter

My primary resource for general travel information is Consumer Reports Travel Letter. This non-profit, non-commercial newsletter offers straight information on how to get the best discounts on hotels, cruises, airfare, train tickets, and all other facets of travel purchases. They also deliver the straight dope on who is pretending to offer discounts, while really charging high prices. Some now famous websites are among those investigated. For subscriptions, phone 800-234-1970. Just one discount airfare will easily pay for the one-year subscription price.


When buying books on intended destinations, I tend to favor Fodor's simply because they show hotel, restaurant, and what-to-see-and-do locations on a map, enabling you to make intelligent selections based on location. My experience has been that finding a hotel within easy walking or metro distance from the part of a city you want to visit is more important than the charming furniture in the breakfast nooks.


When feeling financially expansive, I also enjoy Fielding's guides. They will not let you travel on $5 a day, but they will certainly ensure you are treated in style.

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