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Starfire Texturemapped 3-D Mannequin

Note: There is no soundtrack for this comicstrip (the characters are silent while carrying out these operations in the film).

Series of film stills showing a texturemap being applied to a mannequin after which the mannequin is moved and manipulated

The Plot

Julie and her colleague want to use a character from an old company TV commercial for their current car project. Using the "magic wand" imagetool they grab the character's image out of the archived video (not shown here). The image is then transferred to a mannequin and texturemapped using a 3-D model of the human body. After completing the texturemap, the user moves the mannequin along the photo of the automobile: note how the computer knows how the objects should behave in rendering the image (it also provides textual feedback as to the relative position of the objects as they are manipulated). Since the mannequin is a 3-D model of the human body, the user can move its arm and the texturemapped image adjusts accordingly.

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